On writing (it gets better, right?)

I’m a voracious devourer of online content. Particularly, blogs. I loooove blogs. I think it all started when I was getting ready to move to France, and I discovered the wondrous wealth of expat blogs. Now I read all kinds of blogs – I’ve stacked up over 100 in my Bloglovin’ feed, and that’s not even counting all the Twitter links I click on. Travel blogs, lifestyle blogs, design blogs, professional blogs, cooking blogs, blogging blogs – I read it all. Friends actually mock me for all the blog reading I do. Can you believe them?

The topic of blogging and online content in general fascinates me. As a perpetual job-hunter and post-quarter-life-crisis-soul-seeker, I often try to imagine what my dream job would be, and even though I’m still not sure, I’m often drawn to things editorial-related. The problem is, these jobs ask you to produce your writing samples, your blogs, etc, and for all that I say my writing and editing skills are top-notch, I haven’t actually, um, like, written stuff.  I mean, Instagram captions and emails, sure, but I feel like they’re looking for more. Hm. It’s not that I haven’t thought about it – the idea of blogging interests me greatly. For a non-blogger, I read a lot about blogging… but quite frankly, it sounds like a lot of work.

Bloggers who blog about blogging say that it takes a huge amount of time and effort to blog. They say you have to pour your heart (and all your free time) into your blog for at least year before you see any return. Is that true?

I don’t mean to sound wishy-washy, but that sounds like a big commitment to me. I mean, yes, my life is extremely fascinating, and yes, I know lots of useful and interesting things that I’d like to share with other people, and yes, I take some of the best iPhone photos around, but I don’t know that I’m cut out to blog. I don’t even know if I like to write! I love to read, and I love to edit, but that doesn’t necessarily equal loving to write. That would be like saying all people who love to talk also love to listen… and we all know that’s not true.

There’s something else I consistently read about blogging and writing: the more you write, the better you get. The more you write, the more you find your style and your voice. That it takes time.

And so, even though I might suck, and even though I don’t know how WordPress works, and even though I cringe at marketing myself, I don’t care. For now, I’m happy to experiment and awkwardly immortalize this time in France. Besides, I can’t be the worst thing on the internet, right?

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