B & B treasure in the Loire Valley: La Bagatelle Chambres d’hôtes

I’d never really thought of going to the Loire Valley. It sounded nice, but I had no plans to visit. My mother, however, did, and since she and my dad traveled all the way from California just to see me, I was perfectly willing to go wherever they damn well pleased, so off to the Loire Valley we went. (We saw a lot of chateaux. Like, all the chateaux.)

By way of this, we ended up staying in the town of Vouvray, which is home to my mother’s favorite wine and the loveliest B&B this side of the Atlantic, La Bagatelle Chambres d’hôtes. It’s run by Anne and Bertrand, a fascinating couple who lived all over the world before settling down in Vouvray to run their B & B.


What was my favorite thing about La Bagatelle? The interior design is Pinterest-worthy and the breakfast was delish (I love breakfast) but what makes La Bagatelle the best is the hosts. They are warm and welcoming and do everything to make their guests feel at home.

Anne bought almond milk and oatmeal especially for my mom prior to our arrival – how nice is that? They artfully engage their international guests in conversation around the breakfast table while making sure everyone has their coffee, tea, and fresh juice refilled.

Bagatelle dining room

If the idea of a communal B & B breakfast makes you cringe, know that in the summer, they set up little tables outside and serve breakfast to each party individually. (But I will say, I loved hearing Anne’s stories from Arizona and Bertrand’s opinions on diplomacy, and learning about the story of the art on Anne’s Russian collectibles from a Russian breakfast companion.)

Bagatelle breakfast.jpg

Every morning, there was thoughtfully prepared fresh fruit, croissants, pain au chocolate, bread, ham, cheese, homemade jam, and the kind of delicious coffee you just can’t get in a French café.  I loved the pretty place settings (which changed daily) and the tiny butter pats.

The suite…

Bagatelle mint door.jpg
I adore mint
Bagatelle flower decor.jpg
Cute idea, no?


Bagatelle bubble bath.jpg
Bubble bath time!
All that's missing is champagne.
The only thing missing is champagne.

I adored staying in La Bagatelle. I love the color mint and I can’t resist homemade jam. I’d love to go back during the summer and take advantage of the pool.

A word of advice: the tiny town of Vouvray is not exactly hopping, and most of the restaurants are closed Sunday through Wednesday. You’re better off taking the short drive to Tours than eating at the one pizzeria in Vouvray that is open seven days a week.

(In the meantime, what to do in Vouvray? Wine tasting, of course!)


For more information and photos, visit Bertrand and Anne’s website, http://www.bagatelle-chambresdhotes.fr/

5 thoughts on “B & B treasure in the Loire Valley: La Bagatelle Chambres d’hôtes

  1. Several years ago, we toured the Loire Valley on bicycle having an absolutely perfect adventure. In fact, we’ve both said we would sign up to do it again -what we saw, where we stayed, the canals and country paths we rode – pure heaven.

      1. Yes, we went with an American-based company called VBT. We have taken several European bike trips with them (they use outstanding local guides) and would give them a 5-star rating for service, food, accommodations. The Loire Valley tour is exceptional just because of the quality of the lodging -we felt like royalty in some of the places we stayed!

        He can order a catalog at http://www.vbt.com. They offer trips in many countries.

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