When life gets in the way

Oh my poor sad abandoned blog! I’m sorry I left you. Did you miss me?

I knew this would happen at la rentrée (back to school time). But I can explain.

The last time we saw each other, I was writing about drinking wine in Vouvray, but I was in Paris, having a wonderful (albeit grey) month of August. I took a million pictures, I went somewhere new every day, and I totally fell back in love with the city of lights. (Sometimes, people also call Lyon the city of lights, which is confusing. No actually, just people from Lyon do that.)

I was so inspired to write about Paris, but I bit off a bit more than I could chew with a verrrry long post about the aforementioned Paris bucket list. See? I did such a good job with my goal to see new things in Paris, that I can’t even fit it all into one blog post. So that’s coming, as soon as I have a minute to sit down and have a look at it – I may split it up into categorized posts instead of all one post because it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want.

Post-Paris, here’s what happened:

I moved back to the Rhône-Alpes and taught a high school English workshop outside of Lyon while desperately searching for an apartment in Lyon, and got very discouraged because I wrote a million messages to apartment offers on Leboncoin (the French Craigslist) and received few responses. “Sniff! Why doesn’t anyone want to live with meeeee?!” was my refrain that particular week. September is just about the worst month for apartment hunting in Lyon because there are so many students, and they are all looking for apartments at the same time. I was lucky enough to find a super colocation (flatshare) right when I needed it, but I know quite a few people who are still searching, or have only just found a place! Eek. The girls I’m living with said they received over seventy responses to their posting, which made me feel a bit like I’d won a game show because they picked ME!

At least we can take comfort in the knowledge that there are at least twice as many people searching in Paris and their search will probably take twice as long and their rent will cost twice as much. Sorry, Parisians.

So after finding this lovely apartment along the Saône river and moving in with all that I could carry (um, all that I could carry with the help of my lovely friend who has more upper body strength than I do) I then started a new job, and have been lesson planning ever since. Wait, that’s a lie. I started a new job, then I put off lesson planning to go to Marseille, Cassis, and Hyères because I love the south of France, and then I came back to Lyon and have been lesson planning and teaching ever since.

Oh and also, you know when I said that I finally got my récépissé from the préfecture and hopefully I would be able to go and pick up my carte de séjour (aka the thing that gives me the right to work in France and not get deported) in a few months? That didn’t work out exactly as I had planned. What I naively believed to be the end was definitely NOT. Because French bureaucracy. Le sigh.

So, do you forgive me?

Here are some things you can expect to hear about in coming posts: lots about Paris and Lyon, my recent trip to the south of France, possibly some info on teaching in France if you’re interested (if there are any TAPIF language assistants reading, I’d be happy to share some of my favorite games and lesson plans for lycée), and obviously, the continuation of my saga with French bureaucracy. Oh and maybe more about Barcelona, because I feel like I’m not done with that. We’ll see.

For now, I’ll leave you with this photo Lyon, my current home. This is a view across the Saône river. You can see Fourvière, that castle thing peeking over the hill, and the top of what we call the Lyon Eiffel Tower. If you haven’t seen this photo already, that means you’re not following me on Instagram, and that makes me sad.

Lyon Saone

So anyway, how are you?

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