On Travel: Where should I go in 2015?

I’ve mentioned it before – I haven’t traveled all that much since moving to Europe. I like to travel, I like to explore, I love travel blogs, but I don’t count stamps in my passport and rack up countries so that I can brag about my travel “number.” I guess what I mean is that I don’t travel for the sake of travel. Sometimes I feel restless (and then I go to Barcelona), but I also like to stay home and cuddle with the comfort of routine.  I need both – otherwise, I would be too exhausted and unsettled to enjoy my travels at all.

On the other hand, I may not live in France forever. I’d better move my cul a little, or I’ll end up back in California moping because I never went to Florence or Seville. And that wouldn’t be fun for anyone. So in 2015, less penny-pinching and more adventuring!

I have quite a few destinations in mind already (Tuscany! Andalusia! Berlin?) but my major quandary is where to go in July and August, my prime travel time. Where can you go in Europe during high season that won’t break the bank?

If you’ve blogged about favorite European destinations or budget travel in Europe, please comment with a link! I love that stuff.

4 thoughts on “On Travel: Where should I go in 2015?

  1. I travelled in Slovenia/Croatia last summer for ~50 euro/day. That number includes all transport (moving every 2-3 days, with transport to/from Italy also included), staying in hostels and eating mostly street-food (1 nice restaurant meal, very little self-catering). So you could go cheaper – especially if you focussed on Croatia rather than Slovenia, which is somewhat pricier since it’s on the euro.

    At any rate, I loved it and am seriously considering going back to the same part of the world this summer. 🙂 Pretty landscapes, even people in the most touristy areas were friendly rather than jaded, easy to get around as a visitor.


    1. Thanks for sharing! I would love to go to Croatia along the coast, and I’d kind of forgotten about it now. Did you take the train from Italy? I liked your story about taking the train from Zagreb to Split and the description of your Dad geeking out about AMERICA cracked me up.

      1. I did take the train from Italy but it’s sort of complicated because there’s no direct connection Italy-Slovenia – you either pay extra to go via Austria on intercity trains, or do like me and take regional trains to border towns and then walk across the border before getting another regional train from there (?!)

        There are plenty of bus connections, which are a lot easier, but I’m tall enough that long distance buses really suck.

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