In Lyon, mourning Paris   

I didn’t realize what had happened right away. I heard that there had been a shooting in the 11th in Paris.

The rest unraveled in slow motion.

You already know what happened.

I can’t imagine what it was like to be in Paris that night.

The atmosphere was heavy for the next week. In Lyon, candles, messages, and flowers accumulated at Hôtel de Ville and Place Bellecour.





There are more guards at the mall. The Fête des Lumières was cancelled. I’m glad.

Gradually, daily life has gone back to normal. But I don’t feel the same.

Does it feel after the fact that I’m writing this seventeen days later? It shouldn’t. Seventeen days isn’t long. Seventeen days is too short to move on already.

Republique black and white.jpg


Gare de Lyon black and white.jpg



Paris Eiffel Tower Sunset.jpg

Many bloggers have shared thoughts on the attacks of November 13th and what they experienced in Paris that night. Here are a few.

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As Told By Dana: Life Goes On. What Are You Going To Do To Make A Difference?


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