La Campagne à Paris

If I were a big-time blogger with a global influence, I don’t think I would tell you about La Campagne à Paris. If it became more popular, it would be spoiled.

But I’m rather lucky because only a select group of exclusively nice people (right?) read my blog.

So I think it’s safe.

I think I read about La Campagne à Paris on Paris Zigzag, a fantastic site for discovering little-known places in Paris (in French). It’s a tiny neighborhood in the 20th, just minutes from the Porte de Bagnolet metro stop (line 3, take exit 2).

It’s a tiny little haven of cobblestone streets and storybook houses with pretty gates and flowers in front. It was nearly deserted – I encountered a few residents, a couple wanderers like me, and a cat.

I don’t have the right camera to do it justice, but to give you an idea…






You walk up the stairs (there are a few entry points that lead to Rue Irénée-Blanc or Rue Jules-Siegfried) and you find yourself in another world.



Can you believe this is Paris?



I hope it’s okay that I took photos. Part of me felt like I was invading the personal space of the residents, and maybe it wasn’t cool to take pictures of their homes. But the other part of me felt like it was too pretty not to.

I asked the cat for permission. He said it was okay.

Check out the leetle gnome!

So if you find yourself near Porte de Bagnolet, head up the stairs to La Campagne, but shhh – don’t give away the secret.

(And say hi to that nice cat for me.)




La Campagne à Paris: Rue Irénée-Blanc & Rue Jules-Siegfried, 20th arrondissement                 
Metro: Porte de Bagnolet, line 3 (exit 2)

17 thoughts on “La Campagne à Paris

  1. A wonderful find! I love the exhilarating feeling of discovering something unique right under the noses of the hurried masses. Thanks for sharing (and, don’t worry, I won’t tell a soul! ;o) ). #AllAboutFrance

  2. These houses and the streets have an English village look to them. I would most probably not have choosen Paris as their location if asked. I am so glad the friendly cat agreed you could photograph and share!! #AllAboutFrance

  3. I would never have guessed these streets are intramuros Paris, they look very like the suburbs. How cool to discover such a lovely place, and I’ll try not to spread the word too much (though I have ambitions for #AllAboutFrance to take over the world! – the blogging about France world at any rate!) Thanks for linking up.

    1. I always discover beautiful hidden places in Paris via Paris Zig Zag, I wish I had known about it when I was living in Paris! Thank you for hosting #AllAboutFrance, I love discovering more of the France blogging world.

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