My Favorite Wine Bars in Lyon (by arrondissement)

Hi! I’ve been writing more and more about Lyon this year, and some of you have told me that you found these posts useful (which is awesome, because otherwise why am I doing this?) I’m so glad to hear it – thank you for the feedback.

Here is the most important one yet. (Unless you don’t drink wine, in which case this will be almost totally useless to you. Maybe you like tea or coffee? No? Croissants?)

It goes without saying that I really liked all these places, or I wouldn’t have put them on the list! But there are a few that I love – my favorite favorites – so I’ve marked them with a ❤.

There are loads of fantastic wine bars in Lyon – feel free to comment if you have a favorite I haven’t included. These are simply places I have been to (many times, in some cases) that I think are great.

1st arrondissement

❤ La Cave d’à Coté: Cozy, great planche of charcuterie & cheese (Closed Sunday)

Le Vin des Vivants: Pretty terrace, low prices (Closed Sunday and Monday)

❤ Autour d’un Verre: Classy but casual, tasty tapas. Some outdoor seating, but the ambiance is inside. (closed Sunday. Owner speaks very good English.)

Bones & Bottles: Oh-so-hip, a little pricey, great food – small plates. Limited outdoor seating. (closed Sunday and Monday. English spoken)

IMG_2796       IMG_8650

2nd arrondissement

Le Ballon: Warm and modern (Closed Sunday)

3rd arrondissement

Mademoiselle Rêve: Classic French, daily lunch special (closed Saturday and Sunday)

4th arrondissement (Croix-Rousse)

L’Epicerie Comptoir: Modern, adventurous – no menu!  (Closed Sunday and Monday. Additional locations in the 3rd, 6th, 9th, and Grenoble.)

❤ La Voguette: Cool and casual, yummy ceviche and dolmas. Try to snag a table outside in nice weather. (Closed Sunday)

5th arrondissement (Vieux Lyon)

❤ Château Neuf du Peuple: Quirky, organic, artsy. Limited outdoor seating, great for people watching. (Closed Monday. Owner speaks excellent English.)

The Daughter Wine Bar: Tiny, friendly (Closed Sunday)

Le Phosphore: Elegant, romantic, gorgeous view. (Closed Sunday)

7th arrondissement

❤ Les Pralins: Hipster café/bar/brunch (Open every day)

6th, 8th & 9th arrondissements

I don’t have a favorite wine bar in these parts! Any recommendations?

Note: Opening hours may change, beware of annual closures in August. I noted the places where I know somebody speaks English, but that’s not to say that English isn’t spoken at the others. Bonsoir, merci, and parlez-vous anglais will go a long way if you don’t speak French.

P.S. If you prefer really good cocktails, Jill has you covered.

24 thoughts on “My Favorite Wine Bars in Lyon (by arrondissement)

  1. What a great list! I wish I had this when we were in Lyon last year around this time. We were wandering the streets but didn’t find any. Next time, we’ll be prepared.

  2. Wine bar and fabulous coffee spots are the best if recommended to you by others. Thanks for the heads up on the recommended wine bars. #AllAboutFrance

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