2016 Changed Everything (But That’s All)

I don’t have to tell you what kind of a year the world had in 2016. Honestly, I feel a little silly writing about my year – so much more important stuff happened that it’s like, who cares what I did in 2016?

Basically, my entire life changed in 2016, but other than that, nothing major to report.

I started the year as a teacher in Lyon. It feels like a million years ago. l can’t believe that almost half of this year was spent agonizing over lesson plans and grading. It was over before I realized it. Poof.

I spent the summer adrift, awkwardly in transition, unwilling to let go of my life in Lyon. Three years was long and also short. I felt very far away from everything that came before, but it also seemed like the time had gone by in a blur, too fast to do all the things I wanted to do like try all the éclairs at Max Poilane.

As much as I love pastries, the only thing I was truly sad about was leaving my friends and belle-famille. I was spoiled by two (!!) surprise bridal showers and I was so amazed and touched that my friends would go to the trouble to set up something so lovely just for me. Then there were goodbye parties, lots of them. I can’t stand saying goodbye, so it’s just à la prochaine (until next time).

In the fall, I threw myself into school. Hugo came to join me. He carved pumpkins for the first time, celebrated his first Thanksgiving in the States. We’re still in limbo here – he can’t work yet, so we are floating in indefinite transition, waiting, trying all the hummus at Trader Joe’s.

That’s how we’ll start the new year – still waiting. Fingers crossed that it won’t last much longer.

While that falls into place (hopefully), I’ll be busy with school and a localization internship. I have a feeling that 2017 will be another year of change… let’s hope its the good kind!


A few travel and blog highlights:

I went to Rome, Florence, Bologna, and Lisbon this summer, plus a few trips to Paris, one of my favorite cities. We flew to California to be part of an amazing wedding and wandered around San Francisco while we were at it. (I wrote about it in a mid-year review of 2016.)

(Here’s where I went last year.)

I blogged about how I was able to live and teach in France for four years and a rundown of how to live in France.

I started blogging more about Lyon, including the best boulangeries, tearooms, and wine bars.

I’m realizing as I go back through the posts I wrote this year that I did a lot more life updates than I have in the past. My life is not necessarily super fascinating, but I like noting down little bits and pieces of what’s going on and sharing random stuff that I find interesting. Most of them can be found here.

More on 2016:

Have you seen The Year in Pictures 2016 from the New York Times? It’s beautiful photojournalism that captures the year we’ve had. I wonder what it’s like to photograph some of those moments of war and crisis.

In case you missed anything, theSkimm wrote a snappy review of 2016. They remind us about everything from Russia to Hamilton to Pokemon Go.


Anyway, I hope you had a better 2016 than the world did. If you blogged about your year, feel free to give us a link below so we can see what you got up to in 2016. Wishing you all the best for 2017!




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