Monthly Slice: October

A slice of October…

Hidden tiles in Carmel
“Chéri, pull over!”

Sunday stroll in Carmel
Beautiful café and boutique, Lilify & Bright Coffee, in Monterey
Fall leaves in Monterey
Sunset on Cannery Row

Hi! Are you there? I have been buried under work all semester. My dream is to enjoy my weekend guilt-free without thinking of the mountain of assignments I have to finish. Needless to say, blogging is so far on the back burner, I think it fell behind the stove (Ew. Who’s cleaning that up?)

In case you missed it, I wrote a post on Blow Birthday Cards (which lets you send handwritten cards without leaving the house) and shared some of my favorite cards. I was so happy that people said it was useful! I thought it would be helpful for the American expat community in particular.

I am also excited about the recent launch of the new Oui In France shop! I think Diane has done such a beautiful job of putting a collection of cool francophile items together. Where else are you going to find a t-shirt that says “folle amoureuse des chiens”? My personal favorites are the totes and the mugs – I think that the blue “café” mug and the colorful macaron mug would be the cutest set.

What I’m watching

I did actually take a little break from work in October – I got sick and couldn’t get out of bed for a few days. Fun stuff! As I attempted to make the most of my infirmity by watching everything on Netflix, I discovered the French series “Dix Pour Cent” (under the dreadful English name “Call My Agent!”) I burned through the first season in two days (and I haven’t seen the second season yet so don’t tell me anything!!) It follows the drama of a talent agency that represents major French actors, and French stars appear on the show as themselves (Cecile de France was in the first episode).

What I’m listening to

My new favorite podcast, Coffee Break Italian! I’ve dabbled in Italian over the years but I’ve never made a consistent go at it. I decided I wanted to pick it back up again and tried out a few podcasts, since I can listen to them on the go. Coffee Break Italian is my favorite one because it is engaging and allows me to participate as actively as one can when listening to a podcast by oneself. (“Oneself”? Who am I?)

The podcast is hosted by a teacher and a learner (both with lovely Scottish accents) and a native Italian speaker (with a lovely Italian accent). Some language learning podcasts just spout phrases at you that you’ll never remember, but I think that having someone in a learner role on the podcast is very helpful for me as a listener. They have a few other language podcasts available, including one for Chinese – I’ll have to check that one out one of these days.

Favorite thing at Trader Joe’s

It’s a tie between Powerberry Juice and the Carnitas Salsa Verde burrito I keep buying instead of salad (oops?) I didn’t find any copycat recipes for these (for everyone who doesn’t live near Trader Joe’s) but will you take a power berry smoothie and slow cooker carnitas?

View of the Wharf, Monterey

Two more months of 2017 slices and we’re done! (Maybe I’ll try quarterly updates next year…) I’ll finally have something exciting to share with you soon – I’m going back to France for a visit for the first time since I moved away! I can’t wait.

P.S. Is anyone going to the Fête des Lumières in Lyon next month?! I’ll be following this year’s festivities via Instagram…

13 thoughts on “Monthly Slice: October

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for the shoutout. I’m in the USA visiting family for Thanksgiving, so apologies for the short comment, but I wanted you to know I saw this and appreciate your support so much!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. C’est normal!! You’ve done such a great job with it, it’s so different from the cheesy “French” inspired stuff you usually see. It reminds me of some of the things in cool French concept boutiques like L’Effet Canopée in Lyon.

      Have a great time with your family and happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. I’m thinking about going to the Fête des Lumières, but it depends on a lot of things. The weather, our motivation, my son’s mood, energy levels, etc… We had said we were definitely not going to go, but some of the exhibits look so cool that we might feel inspired to get out and see them. If we go, we’d go on the Thursday as there are less people. While I’ll definitely wear my son (you’d have to be crazy to take a stroller!), I don’t want to risk the massive crowds the other days.

    1. I definitely agree, I would be terrified to take any small child in those crowds, let alone a baby! The Parc de la Tête d’Or might be nice, there’s always space to walk around even when it’s crowded, unlike on Presqu’île… Hope you have a great time if you end up going!

      1. Thanks for the suggestion! Though while they’ve added a few more sites this year, I don’t think there’s anything in Tête d’Or. It’s still mostly Presqu’île.

      2. Terrorism. Maybe they’ll start again in the next few years depending on the climate? It must be too hard to keep secure. That’s why everything was in a certain perimeter last year (which was blocked and had certain entry points) and will basically be the same this year.

  3. Glad to read about your monthly update! A solid “yes” to going to la fête des Lumières this year…I’ll be in Lyon for all nights of the event, and I hope to get as much out of it, more so than last year’s!

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