Monthly slice: November

Hi there! The end of the year is catching up with me. Will there ever be a point where time doesn’t fly by in a blur?

I started off November in a whirlwind. I spent four days volunteering at a major localization industry conference in Santa Clara. It was fantastic – there were speakers from major language service providers like Lionbridge and Moravia and tech companies like Slack, Pinterest, GoPro, Google, Facebook, Netflix, Adobe, Uber, Salesforce, and more. It was also a fun time to bond with some of my friends from school who were also volunteering. I learned a ton and met so many interesting people, but I was absolutely destroyed by the end. I love talking to people, but being in networking mode for 10 hours a day, several days on end is exhausting!

Luckily, we had a week off for Thanksgiving. Even though I was working half the time (I started a new internship in November) it was still a relief to have a break. I spent a delicious Thanksgiving with family and then had a few days up in the Bay Area with Hugo.

It was a busy three days – we explored San Rafael (north of San Francisco), drove over to the East Bay to see some friends and their fabulous new apartment, popped into San Francisco just long enough for me to take a month’s worth of Instagram photos, and spent a rainy Sunday cozy in charming little Fairfax.

San Francisco, somewhere between North Beach and Russian Hill
Russian Hill, San Francisco
Fall colors in San Rafael

What we ate

I think I could write a whole post on what we ate! A few highlights: Lunch to go at Sol Food in downtown San Rafael (people were lined up on the sidewalk!), margaritas and tacos at what is now officially my favorite place in Rockridge, brunch at Sideboard in Lafayette (poached eggs with bacon over creamy mac and cheese?! Why haven’t we been doing this all along?), a Spanish spread at Zarzuela in Russian Hill, and super trendy, ancient grain handmade sustainable non-GMO tacos at Más Masa in Fairfax. (I know, so California, but don’t roll your eyes, it was amazing. I highly recommend the al pastor tacos.)

Más Masa, Fairfax

What I’m listening to

On the way back to Monterey, I started listening to Dear Sugars, an advice podcast with Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond. I’m not typically a listener of this type of podcast (weird, because I love advice columns) but I’d heard of it before, and when it popped up again in this post on C’est Christine, I downloaded a few episodes. I find it really soothing. I still like my education and news podcasts, but when my brain isn’t in the mood for so much work, Dear Sugars is perfect.

Favorite thing at Trader Joe’s

Definitely not kombucha! I picked it up on a whim and was not a fan. I’m sure it’s good for you and all that, but it tastes like vinegar and it upset my stomach.

The snack I’ve been buying over and over again is Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie. The first time I tried one, I was disappointed because it didn’t taste as good as a big fat buttery cookie (duh, they’re high-protein vegan cookies) but I love them as an afternoon snack. They are much tastier than a protein bar, and they’re only 89 cents at Trader Joe’s. (Whole Foods sells them for $2. True story.)

Side note: They must have really good SEO because I couldn’t remember exactly what the product was called and googled “whole cookie joe” (haha, kind of close?) and their site still came up in the top results.

What else?

I have to show you my new favorite Instagram account! It’s all kittens all the time and it’s soooo cute. It’s by a woman who fosters litters of kittens, and she also shares their adoption stories when the time comes. It always brightens my day. Follow the kittens @veggiedayz.

I’m headed off to France soon and I can’t wait! I’ll be sharing adventures on Instagram. What should I download from Netflix to watch on the plane?

Wishing you a happy December, wherever you are!

P.S. If you missed it, I wrote a post on some of my favorite places to shop in Lyon.

3 thoughts on “Monthly slice: November

  1. Hey there! Love your updates. 😉 Will you be in my neck of the woods?
    For Netflix, watch The Break (La Treve) if you like police shows. It’s a French-language show set in Belgium and is excellent. I’m on episode 4 and look forward to watching another ep each night!

    1. Thanks Diane! I will just be whizzing through the Rhône Alpes and Paris, I wish I had more time!

      Thanks for the recommendation! I haven’t heard of that one before, I’ll check it out 🙂

  2. I love (love love) the sound of that Instagram account! Since I can’t have pets at the moment (damn rental contracts), that would be a pretty good substitute. Your conferences and events sound so interesting; I can imagine being in networking mode for four days straight would take its toll. Just the thought of it makes me feel tired!

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