Monthly Slice: February

A little slice of February…

I can sum up the month of February in two words: school and Whole 30 (not technically a single word, but roll with me). As I predicted, second semester has been a whirlwind so far. I’m taking fewer classes but I started an awesome new job (I get to learn lots of digital tools and play with WordPress) so I am just about as busy as I was before. (So if you sent me a message and I took forever to respond… I’m sorry!)

One of the perks about being in the localization industry so close to Silicon Valley is that we get to attend events at major tech companies – this month we went to Apple and I tried not to geek out too much. I didn’t dare pull out my ancient iPhone.

(This might just be American materialism, but I am dying to get the newest iPhone so that I can take better photos. Does anyone have it?! Is the camera all it’s cracked up to be?)

Another cool thing: my marketing class visited a local chocolate factory last week – most delicious “field trip” ever. If you’re ever somewhere where you can get your hands on Lula’s chocolates, I highly recommend them. (I believe they’re only available in the U.S. at the moment. Get the salted caramel.)

Highlights: Sunday strolls with Hugo! (Zzzz. Sorry, that’s the most exciting thing I’ve got.) We live in such a beautiful area, and it’s so refreshing to blow off studying for a little bit to walk on the beach or wander around Carmel. (The beach in February? Yes – it’s 12 degrees Celsius on a cold day here. Winter is not so much a thing. Although we did get a crazy amount of rain and storms in January.)


In the kitchen: You might remember from one of my recent posts that I did a Whole 30 last month! If you followed my Whole 30 Instagram diary @wherearemycarbs you know how that turned out… I’ll write more about it in another post. Basically, I’m glad I did it, I’m glad it’s over, and I finally figured out what’s been terrorizing my skin (after I poisoned myself with it for months.)

If you’re interested in “clean eating” (what does that even mean? Who decided beef is “clean” and white rice is not?) I made a Pinterest board just for Whole30/Paleo recipes (of course I did).


Blogging: As usual, I have a lot of posts in my draft folder that I don’t have time to finish. I have some Paris, some Lyon, a lesson plan post that I secretly hate… I also want to share a post from Hugo’s perspective on being a French guy in California. Let me know if you have any questions for him!

I like to balance what I write between useful posts, travel posts, and my own musings, but lately it’s been a lot about ME… my blog, my whims, right? No, actually it’s because I’m enjoying writing these monthly updates, but I don’t have a lot of time to blog 😦 so the number of posts between monthly updates is minimal. One day I will find blogging balance! (And maybe figure out why I’m doing this in the first place. Why do I blog, again?)

Can I be honest about something? I wrote this mini-post this month because I wanted to share a little anecdote without making it into a big post, and I immediately regretted it — it seemed so orphaned and sad and boring all alone, and I wished I had combined lots of little stories into one post instead. Now I feel like I either have to delete it or write more mini-posts so that it’s a little series. (Luckily I have a lot of anecdotes about French.) #OverthinkingIt

A really nice person shared this design blog with me and I can’t stop watching her videos. She has some WordPress resources too!

I’ve also spent a fair amount of time playing with WordPress at work and now I’m addicted to WP Theme Detector to find out which themes and plugins people with beautiful functional blogs are using.

What I’m listening to: Hugo and I watched the movie Begin Again while we were dog-sitting for friends (we loved being dog parents for a day!) and I can’t get the songs out of my head. I’m not sure how I feel about the movie (full disclosure, I fell asleep. But to be fair, I usually fall asleep during movies) but the music was catchy. It’s all about a songwriter in New York City. I always think how much pressure it must be for the people who actually write the songs that are supposed to sound like they could be major hits.

Favorite Trader Joe’s snack: I couldn’t eat a lot of Trader Joe’s goodies this month because of my Whole 30 (grocery shopping made me so sad and hangry. I know that’s not how you’re supposed to feel on Whole 30 but I did) but I LOVE their kale salad. I used to hate kale but I’ve come over to the dark green side.

(For those of you who live in France, can you buy kale where you live? I know you can in Paris, and when I left Lyon, they were selling it at Monoprix. For anyone who doesn’t know, this all started with The Kale Project. Now I’ve talked so much about kale that you’re going to think I’m some kind of kale fiend, but I’m really, really not. WAIT one more thing. I love this funny kale story from one of my favorite blogs of all time.)

Let’s see, kale, Carmel, blogging struggles… yes, that pretty much sums it up! What was the highlight of your February?